About Oraderm

Oraderm is a new Australian company where Clear Skin Matters and has relaunched Oratane® in Australia and now launched Zetin (acitretin) as of 1st October PBS listing and an expanding future Dermatology portfolio.

Oraderm is a joint venture between Arrow Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd, one of Australia's largest pharmacy companies, and Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, owner of market leading Oratane®.

We pride ourselves on being the only Specialty Care Dermatology company in Australia supporting patients and dermatologists in their acne journey with oral isotretinion and  now with acitretin for psoriasis in all its forms.

Our support of The Australasian College of Dermatologists, Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc. and All About Acne underpins our quest to serve our communities, particularly Australian patients and dermatologists.



What Is Oratane?

Oratane capsules contain a medication known as isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is often a cure for acne. It is a similar substance to Vitamin A, but the action of isotretinoin is very different.

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What is Zetin?

Zetin capsules contain the active ingredient known as acitretin. It is a similar substance to Vitamin A, but the action of acitretin is very different. Zetin works by normalizing skin cell growth.

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